Using Amazon Firestick in Spain


Using Amazon Fire TV Devices in Spain

You can take your Amazon Fire TV device with you if you are moving or traveling to certain countries.

Your Amazon Fire TV device will work in Spain, but with some limited functionality


Due to contractual rights, not all content available on a Firestick in one country will be available on the Firestick in another country.
For example, access to BBC iPlayer will only be available for people with a UK IP Internet Address.

However, some content, such as Amazon Originals for Amazon Prime customers, should be available in most countries.

In some cases installing a VPN service like HMA , or a smartDNS service like smartydns, onto your router can help “get around” these country restrictions. These types of services “hide” your IP address, or provide you with an IP address for a specific country, making it look like you are using your Amazon Firestick in that country, and not an “unsupported” country.

On Demand and Catch Up TV in Spain VPN

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